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Arcpro 3.1 Export Movie for Animation Won't Que

04-13-2023 06:14 AM
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Hey good people,

Need some help. I am trying to export a animation that is a simple 15 timeline lapse video. When trying to export as movie under the Animation tab, it won't even que when clicking export. Tried all types of file formats, resolution, frames per second, and different output file destination and no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

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Weird problem - seems like your next step should be contacting Esri Support for more interactive troubleshooting. 


As an idea:

If it won't even START exporting, then maybe there's something wrong with the map itself.  You could try sharing as map package (mpkx), then unpackage the mpkx into a new blank project.  Hopefully the act of packaging and unpackaging will fix whatever was breaking the export.

Just an idea, beyond that I think you're probably best contacting support (And you'll have already created the mpkx to share with them as the repro case).

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Hi Kyle,

The problem may be that you are attempting to export while in layout view. Ensure that you are in map view then try to export the animation.

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This is most certainly the case, which is a very weird implementation to me but I digress. Ended up calling ESRI support before seeing this and hadn't realized this was the main issue I was having- Thank you very much for pointing this out

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