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ArcGISPro 3.1 temporary freeze issues

03-14-2023 10:50 AM
New Contributor III

Hello All! 

I have ArcGISPro 3.1 and sometimes it becomes unresponsive unless I minimize the app and maximize it again.  Some other times, everything looks normal except that the shortcuts to copy & paste stops working (Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V) and that gets fixed by minimizing/ maximizing too!

The other issue is whenever I change between Notebooks, it jumps to the first cell. 

Does anyone has the same issues? 

The system is not under pressure when that happens and I don't have issue in any other programs. 

ArcGISPro 3.1 Advanced, build#: 41833 on Windows 11 22H2 

System: Intel Core-i7-9700  48GB RAM; NVME M.2 SSD

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New Contributor III

Another observation, it seem that the responsiveness issue happens more frequently when the search bar (Ctrl + F)  is active in the Notebook.

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