ArcGIS Viewshed and Fresnel Zone, Radio Signal

01-17-2019 10:04 AM
New Contributor II


I'm working with a non-urban terrain, where we have an omni-directional radio antenna on a tower and multiple slaves connected to it.

I wasn't able to find an addon/function in ArcGIS (Pro) which I could use to include the shape of Fresnel zone (cylindrical ellipse) into calculation of Viewshed. I have a Viewshed done for a tower (observer with height of 30 m) and slaves (height of 5 m) over terrain, which shows the direct Line of Sight. However, in radio signals we are also interested in how the terrain abstracts the Fresnel Zone.

Is there such a function in ArcGIS? I found what I need in GRASS GIS: Parallel GRASS GIS modules for viewshed and Fresnel analysis running on CUDA GPU ( ), although I haven't used it yet.


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