ArcGIS Pro: Warning when overwriting Web Layer

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03-02-2018 08:43 AM
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I am doing a lot of testing with ArcGIS Enterprise (v10.5.1), federating ArcGIS Server with Portal, and ArcGIS Pro for publishing.  One specific task I have just tested is overwriting a service created by ArcGIS Pro, or to use the latest terminology, overwriting a Web Layer. 

In ArcGIS Pro (v2.1.2), when I chose Overwrite Web Layer I was presented with a warning reading, "If you overwrite this web layer, any popups configured or changes made to the web layer after it was initially published will be lost. This may affect existing clients using the layer by changing layer order or available fields."  I had previously added the Portal map layer item to a map and configured a popup.  As it turned out, the popup was not affected following the Overwrite, but I was more than a bit worried.

That warning message is very disconcerting.  Why is this warning given, and under what circumstances will popups or other configurations be lost?  Not knowing when configurations may be lost is not a good place to be.


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That makes sense now. If no configuration overrides are made in a web map, will it pull changes made to an underlying layer with respect to popups etc?

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Yes, if the web map is just referencing the web layer, it should display whatever was stored with the web layer.


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I have a current case open regarding the overwrite process and retaining pop-ups. A common workflow I have been doing for years is to overwrite hosted feature services and as long as the schema has not changed or the service ID's have not changed there has not been a need to reconfigure the pop-ups. I typically configure the pop-up, save the layer (that way users can pull that configured layer into other web maps and use the cleaned up version), then save the map. 

As of recently, when I overwrite the service with the workflow above I lose all configuration and layer properties (e.g. labels) in both the layer pulled into a new map as well as in my originally configured and saved web map.

The ESRI folks I am working suggested first saving the web map then the layer. Doing this in reverse order then overwriting retains the pop-up within my original configured web map only but not if a user pulls the saved layer into a new web map. In other words, it partially fixes the issue. 

My issues are:

- Since when and why do I need to perform the saving steps in reverse order in order to partially retain the pop-ups?

- What does 'save layer' do if an overwrite completely blows away all configuration? Again, in my case no schema changes and no service ID changes. 

- What have others experienced regarding this? Am I way off basis as to the "expected" behavior of overwriting a hosted feature service?

Note, I have tested the above publishing hosted feature services from Pro 2.4, 2.4.1, ArcMap both to AGOL and Portal 10.6.1. I don't recall ever having this issue in the past. Please help.


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