ArcGIS Pro v2, 3D Memory Usage (in a layout)

09-13-2017 04:09 PM
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We seem to have a bit of an issue on Arc Pro using 3D scenes applied to a layout.

Some of the outputs we need are perspective views of our city, printed at A3 and A4. Typically the workflow is to create the 3D global scene (extruded polygons, multipatch models, base map and 1m DEM) - typically this eats up about 2Gb of RAM. 

Once this same scene is added to a layout, RAM usage spikes to around 4Gb (after ensuring the original scene is no longer visible in the project to free up memory). Attempting to then export as either jpg or pdf will further take the memory usage up to around 7.5Gb and near kills the PC. Once the export is completed memory usage drops again, but never down to the original level therefore gradually bringing the PC to its knees as more exports are done.

Has anyone else come across anything like this/knows a work around (aside from buying more RAM)?

PC specs are i7, 8Gb RAM, Nvidia K620, Windows 7, ArcGIS Pro 2.



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