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Arcgis Pro Tool Euclidean Distance

11-03-2023 05:44 AM
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Dear Community Members,

I am currently utilizing the Euclidean Distance(Spatial Analyst tool) tool within ArcGIS Pro, wherein I am providing two inputs - one as a raster and the other as a polygon feature. The cell size is set to 0.600000000000049. However, I am encountering the following error:

In addition to this error, I am receiving a warning concerning memory space constraints. I am seeking information regarding the memory requirements for the Euclidean Distance tool.

I am also attaching the snapshot of the above error.

Your insights and assistance on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

ERROR 010658: Failure in distributed raster analytics operation.

Screenshot (374).png



Thank you.

Kartik Bhargava

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What is the extent of the area you are trying to cover?

The cell size.... is that supposed to be in degrees? or meters?

In any event, it is very small if it is supposed to be in meters.

You woule be advised to check your coordinate system and rationalize your cell size in light of it and the extent you are trying to cover

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I previously had an error  that was fixed by using both the input as raster data . However, now I'm encountering a problem where the output raster has all grid values set to 0. My use case involves Lidar data with trees and buildings. I need to find the distance to the nearest tree from each building, so I created a Digital Height Model (DHM) and built a raster by filtering out the buildings. However, when I use the Euclidean distance tool, all the grid values are 0

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As Dan suggested, I would test larger cell sizes with 10, 30, 90 to see what the output is and if the GP throws the same error or not.  Also, when you do raster analysis, best practice is for all the inputs to be in a projected coordinate system vs. geographic.

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