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12-14-2021 12:04 AM
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Apologies if this is the wrong community, but it was the closest I could fine (moderators feel free to delete or move if necessary).

I recently subscribed to ArcGIS Personal Use. I had been a subscriber in the past but let it expire. When I try and authorize the new subscription (ArcPro 2.9, named user) it returns an error that the number of users exceeds the available licenses.

This appears related to a recent change documented by ESRI. I have followed the steps here but am not prompted to "Update user type" and cannot seem to manually modify it because I am listed as the admin (and only user, since it is personal use).

Is there another, known fix? Do I need (and is there a way) to temporarily add a dummy user, make it the admin, manually change my real account type to fix the license, and then delete the dummy?

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When managing the add-on licenses in ArcGIS Online for the (only) member, please unassign (deactivate) ArcGIS Pro license, if there is an option to do it.

What is the user type of your member? It should be "GIS Professional Advanced".

In case you see "Creator" as your user type, please contact Esri Support

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Thank you Jayanta,

Correct, the user type is "GIS Professional Advanced" admin. Unfortunately I do not se an option to unassign/deactive the Pro license. (Unless you mean to sign the user out at any location, which I have already done -- it did not fix the issue).

I reached out to support so hopefully they can help. However, it looked like I only received an automated issue on how to assign the user to my 'organization', which did not resolve the issue.

Thank you.

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