ArcGIS Pro Performance Assessment Tool (PAT) - Tests 1 and 2 won't complete

05-20-2021 08:13 PM
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We are currently testing the performance of systems with ArcGIS Pro, and coincidentally this blog post came out the other day: Announcing the ArcGIS Pro Performance Assessment Tool (PAT) 

Currently using the PAT on a virtual desktop, and connecting through the VMware Horizon Client. Unfortunately tests 1 and 2, which measure drawing performance inside ArcGIS Pro simply do not complete. They work sporadically when zooming through the bookmarks - sometimes it will only do 1 then stop, other times it can do up to 3 or 4. It has never been able to complete the full bookmark portion of tests 1 or 2. At some point it redraws the screen ok after the zoom and then just sits there. It appears that it either it can't pickup that drawing has completed, or it can't activate the next bookmark.

I have attached the system info, log file and a screenshot with the ArcMon dialog showing what it was logging during the test. Just a note on the log file - I definitely didn't leave it sitting 10 minutes before closing everything down, so not sure why it is saying it had a 10 minute timeout. I have tried test 1 about 30 times so far, but just a few times with test 2.

I have used the PAT successfully on a normal (non-virtual) desktop PC.

@KoryKramer - tagging you here as you wrote that blog post - Thanks.

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for alerting us to this issue. We are aware of a sporadic issue that affects both virtual and non-virtual environments, and are investigating an update to the PerfTools component to address this.


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Hi @IanSims, can you provide an update on the update?

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A brand new version of PAT is available that should hopefully improve things here, plus support for Pro 3.x.

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Hi Ian

I need documentation to interpret the results
I'm on ArcGis Pro 2.9.5
Please help


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CIMReadCounter: 131
CurrentDLLCount: 559
CurrentLocalDLLCount: 344
CurrentMemoryUsage: 2012860416
CurrentThreadCount: 125
HTTPRequestCancelCount: 6
HTTPRequestCount: 239
LicenseTime: 0:00:04.742033
StartupDLLCount: 291
StartuploolDLICount: 119
StartupMemoryUsage: 356085760
StartupThreadCount: 48
StartupTime: 0:00:11.8453125
TotalBlockedTime: 0
TotalHungTime: 133575
TotalPaneConstructTime: 4781
TotalRequestCancelCount 37
TotalRequestCount: 2883
TotalTaskTime: 0
UICIMReadCounter. 2089
UICIMUpdateCounter: 138

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