ArcGIS Pro PDF Color Modes

09-12-2018 02:54 PM
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We are currently using ArcGIS Pro as our mapping software. It has been able to jump through almost all hurdles we've thrown at it from a mapping and presentation standpoint.

Since presentation is a big focus of our work, we're exporting our maps as PDFs with compressed vector graphics using JPEG image compression. It is important that our exports are PDF so that the graphics aren't losing quality. It is important that PDF Reader compatibility isn't lost through use of another program and also that the PDFs retain their vector image quality.

I understand that converters are available to convert the RBG PDF to a Grayscale PDF but they are either unavailable to us or cause loss of vector image quality.

It would be excellent if ArcGIS Pro was able to handle multiple multiple Color Modes as well as continuing to handle the Image Quality.

Is this something that we can expect in the near future? Are there any possible workarounds that you know of?

One thing I know of already is the ability to symbolize an ArcGIS Pro Map with Grayscale coloring, the exported PDF would then technically be Grayscale. However, we believe that it would be convoluted to have to go through all of this compared to a few clicks of a button when exporting. 

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Reference Screenshot for existing Export Options for PDF:

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