ArcGIS Pro Model Builder Iteration works in edit mode, but not as a tool

11-17-2020 04:14 PM
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I created a model using Iterate Feature Selection. For each feature selection I use 'If Field Value is' to determine how my points are converted into a line, I then merge these two branches, and collect all the values. 

I would like to use this model as a submodel, so that these Output Values can be the input for my next process. However, the model only works in edit mode. When I run this model as a tool (Stand alone or within another model) the feature class from the last iteration is not saved. 

Screenshot 2020-11-17 160523.png

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Ever figure this out.  Iterate Features only works in model builder for me but not when executed as a tool.

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In the same boat. Would love a reasoning or a solution, ESRI. can execute as a tool just fine, but not saving the Last/ Only (if there is just one in the file.gdb) is a real issue! any help would be appreciated. 

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