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ArcGIS Pro Map to KML output does not include legend

07-19-2023 09:12 AM
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In ArcGIS Pro 3.1.2 I am running the Map To KML tool to export a layer with a legend to be viewed in Google Earth. When selecting the legend layout source my layout containing the legend is available in the dropdown but when exported it does not appear in Google Earth. In the layout view the legend is also within the map boundary. Any help is much appreciated!

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ArcGIS Pro generates the legend based on your symbology settings for the layer. Google Earth doesn't work like that, so the exported "legend" is just an overlayed (semi-transparent) image. To see it, you need to expand the "Legend" folder and choose a radio button for one of the positions on the screen.

I hadn't tried exporting a legend from a Layout before, and frankly, I think it looks like **bleep** in Google Earth. I think a better solution would be to take a screenshot of the legend in ArcGIS and manually overlay it in Google Earth. Then you could better control how it looks.

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