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08-07-2021 10:29 PM
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Hi, I currently have my ArcGIS license on my desktop. I would like to access Arcgis from my laptop while I am running  processor heavy research on the desktop pc. Is this possible? Or do I need a separate license for my laptop.

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ArcGIS Desktop license types—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

see Named User licensing

The member can sign in to the application on any machine on which it is installed (up to three machines at the same time).

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Thank you,

I think I worded this question incorrectly. I have a single user student
license and this license is currently installed on my desktop. Can I
install the same license on a laptop without causing a conflict? In the
past a single user license was only valid on one pc. I do not want to cause
a conflict by trying to install it on my laptop as I really can not afford
to lose research time. I am hoping that I can run processes on my main pc
while still being able to do training and basic mapping on my laptop.


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A Single-User license can only be used on a single machine (unless you want to deauthorize it from your first machine, as mentioned by Dr. VSS Kiran). For your laptop, you may as your professor (or License Site Administrator) to provide another license of ArcGIS Pro and its extensions (keycodes could be same, but it consume an additional license from your institute's available licenses).

If your isn't able to provide an additional license, you could purchase an ArcGIS for Personal Use subscription (For non-commercial use only), for use in your laptop.

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If you have taken a single-user license in offline mode and installed it desktop and the same license you would like to utilize on your laptop then you need to reauthorize the license from your desktop pc first and later reauthorize the license in your laptop.

If you were not able to reauthorize and authorize the license by yourself, I would suggest drop a mail to Esri support desk or log a ticket on  ESRI team will support you to reauthorization and authorization same. 

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