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08-13-2018 05:19 AM
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I have a Named User License for ArcGIS Pro. I turned on "Authorize ArcGIS Pro to work offline" on one computer (Computer A) and now can not use it on another (Computer B) now. What should I do to be able to use on both computers?

I tried to turn off "Authorize ArcGIS Pro to work offline" on Computer A, but it does not allow me to do so because this option is now greyed out!

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That is as designed

Frequently asked questions—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

Can I run ArcGIS Pro on more than one machine?

The answer depends on the licensing model you're using:

  • When connected to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise with a Named User account, you can log in on up to three machines at the same time. If you're disconnected and have your license set to work offline, you can work with the one machine that has been taken offline.
  • One Single Use license can be used to authorize two machines.
  • Concurrent Use licenses allow authorization of one machine per license.
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Thanks Dan for the reply. I intend to go back to online. Can I still do that after I have already taken it offline?

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Go back to the machine where you took it offline, go back online then you will be fine.

I got caught by that mistake once, when I left my portable at home and tried to use Pro on my desktop at work.... an 80 km round trip solved everything

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Thanks Dan. I am now on the machine where I took it offline. How do I "go back online" on this machine? The "Authorize ArcGIS Pro to work offline" is ticked on this machine, but I'm not able to untick it.

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And one more link to add to Dan's: Start ArcGIS Pro with a Named User license—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop: see the last section of the topic. When you try to check in the license, are you signed in with the same account that checked out the license? 

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Thanks for your help, Tim and Dan. This article resolved my problem -

Problem: Unable to return offline ArcGIS Pro licenses back to online 

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So here is another scenario to Peter's issue, which is actually happening on two of our users' computers.

Computer A became inoperable, and had to be turned in, with no way to access and relinquish the ArcGIS Pro Offline Named User license.

Is there a time period that Offline Named User licenses remain offline?  Do offline licenses "expire" after a certain timeframe, or are they permanent until put back online?

Why is there no way for a Portal Administrator, who assigns ArcGIS Pro licenses, to relinquish any Offline Named User licenses?

Unless ESRI has capability to relinquish, the only other option I currently have is assign the user, who took a license offline, a new user ID, and pull a new license.  But that still leaves the original offline license unavailable.