ArcGIS Pro Join between 2 feature classes not working

02-17-2022 01:07 PM
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I am trying to join two Point feature classes (FC) on Asset ID (Text, 15 characters):

FC 1 (Main table): Asset_ID

FC 2 was created doing a spatial join between FC 1 and a parcel layer (Asset_ID that was from FC 1)

  • When I try to join FC 2 to FC 1 (which I need to do to field calculate Parcel ID in FC 1 which has some changes that were made after Table 2 was created) only 115 out 1500 assets join
  • When I join in the opposite direction (FC 1 to FC 2)  all 1500 assets join but I can't field calculate in FC 1
  • Perhaps notably, it was the last 115 records sorted by Asset_ID that joined.

I have tried everything I can think of that can cause problems when joining:

  • Both layers the Asset_ID is text with 15 characters
  • There are no duplicate Asset_IDs in either layer
  • Both layers have 1500 records
  • No definition queries on either layer
  • No records selected in either layer
  • I added indexes on Asset_ID to both layers
  • I added a new field in both layers (text, 15 characters) and field calculated Asset_ID and striped leading or trailing spaces (then no records would join!)
  • I updated from 2.8 to 2.9.1
  • I tried in ArcMap

Anyone have any suggestions? I am at a loss.








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FC2 is a new featureclass with no joins? make sure joins are persisted to new featureclasses /or remove the joins

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There are no joins on either layer. FC2 is a new layer created from a spatial join. 

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I had the same issue recently.  My primary key was long string, which only worked on a join in one direction.  I worked around it at the time by creating a numeric surrogate key in each table and joining on that and it worked.  I've since read that the failure to join may have been affected by the index?  It may be worth removing and re-adding the index on the keys and see if that makes a difference?

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