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ArcGIS Pro- Issue adding AGOL hosted table service (tables only in service) to Pro 3.0.2

06-27-2023 09:49 AM
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Hello Pro Team, 

We recently ran into an issue where Pro will not add the full AGOL service to the map. We have an AGOL hosted feature service consisting of 4 tables: 



When trying to add this service to ArcGIS Pro via the Add Data button, Pro only adds the top table in the service (Number "0" in the rest) and ignores the other tables in the service: 



This appears to be a bug, since this should be adding the entire service to the project. 

Please let me know if you need any additional details. 



Amanda Huber


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If you suspect this to be a bug, I recommend submitting a case with Esri Support. One thing you can do is run a network monitor like Fiddler while trying to add the service. You can examine the HTTP calls to see what is happening on the ArcGIS Pro side. If it doesn't make sense, save the output and share it with Support, they could also use the info.

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Hello @Amanda__Huber 

This problem is already described in a defect, ref BUG-000159464.

"ArcGIS Pro only adds the first table from an ArcGIS Online multi-table Table(hosted) service"

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Hello @Amanda__Huber , this problem is now resolved in ArcGIS Pro version 3.3

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