ArcGIS Pro is unusable with large SDE geodatabases

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08-03-2017 11:18 AM
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We have ArcGIS Pro 2.0, and we are trying to connect to our main SDE geodatabase, but it's painfully slow, to the point of making it practically unusable.

Our SDE geodatabase has 380 feature classes. It's a beast, but ArcCatalog takes just 20 seconds to connect up once, and then it's fast for the rest of the session.

However, in Pro, if we even touch (not double click, just a single click) our large SDE geodatabase connection icon to view the "Details" of the SDE geodatabase, Pro does the progress triple-bar thing for about a minute, evetually loads the Description metadata, but then proceeds to lock up Pro for another minute.

This happens every single time we go away from the "Databases" folder and then return to it. Pro doesn't remember that it connected to the geodatabase just 5 seconds ago. So when we come back to the "Databases" folder the whole process starts over. What is going on in the background?

At the UC 2017, I spoke with an Esri employee who stated that ArcGIS Pro 1.4 (and previous) had a bug where Pro would make "hundreds" of calls to each feature class for no functional reason. He then said that this bug was fixed in Pro 2.0, but it appears to still be an issue. He also advised indexing, which I've done (left the computer locked with me signed in, Pro running over night), but it also appears to have no positive effect.

Anyways, our smaller SDE geodatabases work much faster, but you can still tell that Pro has to "reconnect" and gather some data from the gdb in the background. It just seems like Pro has taken a huge step backwards, contrary to advertisements of "64 bit speed", from ArcMap/ArcCatalog when it comes to interacting with SDE geodatabases.

Can anyone explain why Pro is slower than ArcCatalog when interacting with SDE geodatabases?

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Super helpful! Thanks.

For those that would like a Python option.... here's a gist of something I cobbled together:

Give this script a geodatabase (Personal, File, or SDE connection) and it will remove the "Geoprocss... 

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Alex ,
I ran accross this post and am really excited. My ArcMap & Pro users are constantly complaining of access speed over the network ti our 2019 SQL EGDB (argh!) so I have a couple of questions .
1. do I run this on each users machile and on each connection they have? In other words is this cleanup occuring on the PC or on the SSQL db?
2. I use what I think are the standard tools for managing my enterprise geodatabase (Sync Replica's, Backup's, Compress db, Analyze datasets, Rebuild indexes)  I'm not a SQL guru I just attempt to followESRI's suggestions. do you have any other special tips or areas in the EGDB to look at that would hinder performance? Thanks

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FYI all-

these tools have to execute in 32 bit so if you want to run in IDLE where you can loop through all your connections as needed you have to setup a shortcut on your desktop and within the shortcut properties for Target set:

C:\Python27\ArcGIS10.5\pythonw.exe "C:\Python27\ArcGIS10.5\Lib\idlelib\idle.pyw"

Same for Task Scheduler under Actions tab you have to set the Program Script to as above and add your as an argument.  Yet another management piece that Pro will need

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