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03-12-2021 04:18 AM
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I want to capture features from video. My video is taken by car drive and then I tried to open it on ArcGIS pro (Full Motion Video). But it was not linking with the location. Noticed that my video was not having MISB metadata attached with it. So I searched for the information and did it. Now my video gets the location where I begin video capture, but not moving as per video frames. Please let me know the solution. Does this work only for aerial videos?

Video is captured using Garmin camera ultra 30. Metadata attached using Video Multiplexer.

Data is kept in link:

Contains 06_Original.mp4, 06_Original.mp4.gpx, (Generated from Video Multiplexer), 06.mp4Pro1.csv (transformed Garmin metadata to MISB metadata), FMV_Multiplexer_TimeShift_Template.csv


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It's been a while but I do remember getting the Virb Ultra 30 to import correctly.

See this post: 

And this document: 

You need to use the Virb Edit software to export the correct GPS info, then multiplex using the Garmin field mapping.


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