ArcGIS Pro failed to open gpkg polyline layers

02-20-2022 04:06 PM
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I added a geopackage folder which contains 16 gpkg layers to the Catalog pane of ArcGIS Pro. The geopackage was created in QGIS. Right clicking each layer allows all of these layers to be added to the Contents pane, but ArcGIS Pro was not able to read all of these layers. While it was able to open and display the point layers and the polygon layers, it was not able to read most of the polyline layers. Of these polyline layers that ArcGIS Pro would not read, the attribute table could not be displayed. After clicking on "open attribute table" I get an error message that says:

Failed to open table

Underlying DBMS error[ST_EnvIntersects: failed to find gdal203e.dll]


Any ideas on how to get ArcGIS Pro to read these polyline layers?

I get the same error  for allof the polyline layers that ArcGIS Pro will not open


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This has been discussed in your previous thread.

Can ArcGIS read geopackages created with QGIS? - Esri Community

I suspect you may have to try a different output format if you wish to use both gis platforms.  And the installed gdal is esri specific

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This is wild speculation, but searching for 'gdal*.dll' in the ArcGIS Pro installation folder, turns up a 'gdal_e.dll' instead of 'gdal203e.dll'. There is no 'gdal203e.dll' in my installation folder. If, like Dan suggests, the GDAL version of Pro is ESRI specific, they may have attempted to rename the DLL to a "version-less" name, but forgotten to update the name in some of the code using it. That would be a bug to report. Other option is that they failed to include this file in the installation, and it is a different one than the 'gdal_e.dll', and both should be on the system.

As an experiment and proof, you might attempt to temporarily rename this DLL to 'gdal203e.dll' as in the error message, although it is likely this will cause many other issues where ESRI did properly change its name in the code base, or if the DLL is a different one than the missing 'gdal203e.dll'.




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