Arcgis pro does not use any resources of pc

12-11-2021 01:04 AM
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whenever I run any analysis even a tiny one, it's just processing, and processing, and processing, i left it over the night on my gaming pc and also check on a laptop, cannot even complete a tiny task, 

i've checked in task manager its just using , 5% cpu and a little bit of ram.

please guide


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Troubleshooting Performance Issues in ArcGIS Pro - Esri Community

if you went through this and saw nothing obvious, contact Tech Support.

The   Performance Assessment Tool (PAT)

Announcing the ArcGIS Pro Performance Assessment Tool (PAT) (

provides some benchmarking as does the link at the top of this page

ArcGIS Pro 2.9 system requirements—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

So if you can't get anything to run with locally installed data on a local machine, contact Tech Support


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