ArcGIS Pro Date format defaults to mm/dd/yyyy

05-12-2018 07:32 AM
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Hi, I have a custom geoprocessing toolbox with a date field. The date picker showes the format as DD/MM/YYYY (12/05/2018) however the format being stored in the field (and being saved into the table) is MM/DD/YYYY (5/2/2018).

As there anyway of changing this so UK standard format dd/mm/yyyy is used in the field?




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From here

You can do conversions using Convert Time Field

There are many other links for such topics as labelling etc using a "date format" search in the help

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Thanks, I understand I can convert formats using convert time field or use python datetime modules. My question was around why the date picker in my images uses standing British format (from my windows system properties) but it then automatically changes this back to US format for the storage. Is there a way to change the default way ArcGIS stores date/time in a date field not to be mm/dd/yyyy depending on your region?

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Strange that it would switch the table's field when it save.  I can't even find anything in arcmaps advanced settings in the

C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.6\Utilities folder.  If the file destination is to a shapefile vs a geodatabase you might want to explore differences there.

I usually only have success when storing dates in a text field with the dates as strings.

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Same issue here.
The date-time picker stores the date in a format mm/dd/yyyy
(which causes other integrating issues with 3rd party applications)

I did change the global Windows settings | Date&Time Setting | Formats | Change Formats.. | 

I could not find a date format setting inside ArcGIS Pro itself. 

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I am also wondering about the data formatting in ArcGIS Pro and AGOL. I have a python script that uses the following datetime.strftime('%m/%d/%Y') and the output in the script/notebook shows 04/05/2021. When I view the format in AGOL and ArcGIS Pro I get 4/5/2021.

The desired format is what python is trying 04/05/2021, but not sure how to get this in the GIS feature classes/AGOL?

Appreciate any ideas?



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This is still an issue. Dates in my table are in DD/MM/YYYY but the date picker in Select by Attributes offers them only as MM/DD/YYYY and so the  query fails.

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