ArcGIS Pro crashes constantly

03-31-2022 04:17 AM
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Ever since I unrelatedly installed Docker/WSL2, my ArcGIS Pro has been crashing constantly, it does not crash when using every tool, but many tools are unusable now. 

What would be some ways to go about troubleshooting this? I am unsure if it is actually caused by Docker/WSL2; however, the issues started shortly after installing those. I have already reinstalled and updated ArcGIS Pro to the latest version. 

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If it helps, I've got Docker and WSL2 on my machine, and have not noticed any increase in the number of crashes in Pro since installing them.

I would just try running any tools you can, against various data sources, and in different projects. Basically try changing all the variables you can, to see if any of them have an effect on the behavior. You can also open up the diagnostic monitor by pressing Ctrl + Alt + M and see what's going on in the background. It's not always comprehensible, but the diagnostic logs it generates can be helpful to Support, if it gets to that point.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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