ArcGIS Pro 2.8.1 "Place label at fixed position within polygon" overrides map (data frame) clipping boundary

07-28-2021 10:32 AM
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In ArcGIS Pro 2.8.1 (not sure about other versions), it seems that selecting "Place label at fixed position within polygon" allows features to be labeled even if they are outside the map (data frame) clipping boundary. The features themselves won't draw, but the labels will still draw.

For example, in Map Properties I set it to clip layers to the city limits.


This causes the park features outside to disappear, but the labels for these invisible features still appear.


This loophole occurs even if using a different clipping boundary, and it appears to be unaffected by any other labeling settings. As long as "Place label at fixed position within polygon" is checked on, the invisible features outside the clipping boundary still get labeled.

Deselecting "Place label at fixed position within polygon" causes the labels outside the clipping boundary to disappear again, which I think is how it's supposed to work in all circumstances? In ArcMap 10.8.1, features outside the data frame clipping boundary don't get labeled even if "Place label at fixed position within polygon" is selected.

Has anyone else run into this? Could this be a bug in ArcGIS Pro 2.8.1, or is there another setting I'm not aware of?



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If you have not done so you  should report this to since this sounds like a bug.