ArcGIS Pro 1.2: Does map series work with scene/3d?

05-09-2016 11:40 AM
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I added a map frame containing a scene to a layout and found out the
"Map Series" button (in the "page setup" group on the "layout" tab) was
grayed out.

Do scene/3d and map series work together? If they do, what might I have missed?

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At this time, Map Series is only enabled for 2D views.  I'll let the team know you're interested in using it in 3D as well .  Do you have any specific examples of scenarios that would be best served by a 3D map series?


Jeremy W.

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Thanks for confirming. We are hoping to create a series of 3d maps to help residents better understanding flood versus their properties, as this will present the depth of the flood to a certain degree, in addition to the "in or out" judgment one can make from standard flood maps.

I also looked into sharing the scene using ArcGIS Online, but the 3d feature limit of 2000 is too small for what we need.

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3D map series is something I'd like to see added to ArcGIS Pro.  I understand that publishing to web portals will suffice often but we still need to keep a record of what we've prepared.  We're monitoring building movements and we'd like a map series of 4 layouts of the one building on the one map.  Then we'd like to be able to jump to the next building and the same 4 angles of that one. 

Yukun, if you are still following this thread the point limit has gone away in AGOL Web Scene Viewer, publish your layers to Portal but then add them to AGOL's scene viewer (not portal's).   

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Andrew, thanks for the heads up. That need is behind us for now but could come up again in the future, so it's definitely good to know.

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Any updates to this capability? Looking to create a map series layout which contains 1 2D map frame & 1 3D map frame on the same 1 page layout for 5,000+ buildings. Thanks for your time!