ArcGIS Flood Impact Analysis Solution: Errors when analyzing roads and buildings

07-20-2021 04:13 PM
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Here are the issues I am having. I did actually get all of these tools to run correctly the first time I did the analysis, but then I realized I inputted the depth and water surface elevation rasters in the wrong order when creating their respective geodatabases, so I ended up re-doing the analysis.
  • For both the Analyze Roads and Analyze Buildings steps, I am getting the following errors. I think this might have something to do with an invalid file path, but I'm not completely sure. 

    Roads ErrorRoads ErrorBuildings ErrorBuildings Error

  • The second question I have is with creating the depth elevation rasters. The tool will run with warnings but doesn't create the depth elevation raster. I also get the same error whether I use a depth raster or not. Does anyone know what the correct inputs are for this tool?

    Creating Depth Elevation Raster ErrorCreating Depth Elevation Raster Error

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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I am seeing ".shp" in you inputs/outputs.

Use copy features and copy any features into a locally stored file geodatabase and skip shapefiles for the analysis.  This could account for the errors

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Hi Dan,

If both the roads and buildings layer I am using are shapefiles, how do I go about fixing that?


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