ArcGIS Desktop Installation - how to tune for best performance?

02-25-2020 09:52 PM
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I've got 2 fresh ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 installations on two nearly identical computers. One PC is running a vanilla installation of Windows 10, and the second machine is running a corporate image of Windows 10 (including corporate security policies etc etc). The spec of the corporate machine is slightly better than the vanilla machine (better processor, more RAM, better video card).

However, the performance of ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 on the vanilla Win 10 machine far exceeds the performance of the corporate machine. There is a significant difference in performance which I can quantify by comparing opening and map production times on a sample MXD.

For reference, with a relatively complex MXD that relies on both local data and a couple of map services, the times are:

Loading - corporate machine 3min40sec, vanilla machine 0min42sec

Map export - corporate machine 0min45sec, vanilla machine 0min28sec

To me, it is clear that the issue is with the corporate Win10 installation and the relevant security policies, profiles etc. However I am fighting a losing battle with our IT department for the issue to be recognised and actioned.

So, my question is:

1 - what information can I provide from both machines that will highlight the difference between the installations - for example environment settings, relevant registry keys etc?

2 - is there a 'best practice' guide for PC configuration (not necessarily just machine specs) that I could provide as a guide for machine tuning / optimization for desktop GIS usage?



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