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Arcade expression to display fields

09-06-2023 05:57 PM
New Contributor

Hi - 

I have an arcade expression question.

I have a point feature class with more than 50 fields and two separate related tables (1:M) with more than 300 fields. Most of the fields are dummy variables (yes or no values). What I would like to have is that when I select a feature in ArcGIS Pro, the pop-up window or attribute table shows only those fields with “Yes” values and hide the rest of the "No" fields. For example, I select a point in ArcGIS Pro, and then it shows me only fields “A”, “B”, and “C” which have “Yes” values. But when I select another point, the table gets updated to the appropriate fields (fields “A”, and “D” for instance).

Below is a screenshot to elaborate.

For example, if I select the second row, I would like to be able to see fields “C1480” and “C1520” as they have values ("Involved"). But if I select the third row, I would like to be able to see fields “C1480”, “C1490”, and “C1520”.


Any feedback would be appreciated.  I am looking forward to hearing from you, @CraigWilliams.

 Thank you –


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