Arc Pro Stereo Viewing Workflow Issues

09-19-2019 11:13 AM
New Contributor

Hi All, 

I am attempting to replicate a workflow in ArcGIS pro from ArcMap Desktop that utilizes Stereo pairs of imagery for Stereo viewing. I have over 100 different sites with consecutive stereo pairs in TIFF to cover each site. I have tried following the various help material (example 1, example 2) ESRI  provides for preparing imagery for stereo viewing but I am still unable to successfully upload a stereo model/mosaid dataset into ArcPro for viewing the pairs with anaglyph glasses. I have a .blk file for each pair if that is helpful at all. 

I am able to create a mosaic data set, block adjust it, and build a stereo model from it (at least ArcPro tells me the tool ran successfully) but the pairs still do not appear in the stereo map. Also, if I try to "set source" from a block adjusted mosaic data set that I have (seemingly) successfully ran the "Build Stereo Model" that contains image pairs from different site locations, I get an error saying "the given collection does not have a stereo model table. Run the Build Stereo Model tool to create one." I have not had any luck thus far relying on the ESRI documentation so any help from the community would be greatly appreciated! 


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