Appending ArcMap Features to ArcGIS Pro Features w/ Attribute Ruels

03-31-2020 10:13 AM
by Anonymous User
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   I have old data that has been brought into a Pro Project from AGO. The old data is going to be appended to the current data in the Pro project.

   Currently the Pro project Features have attribute rules for, 1.) on creation of new assets and the assets intersection of the GREEN POLYGON (reference image) the rule will fire and INSERT (INHERIT) specific attribute data to the new features being created. 2.) On creation the new asset will be SEQUENCED a unique sequential ID. 

I copied the OLD features into the geodatabase that has been sequenced and houses the features with attribute rules.

I selected all OLD features, COPY them to the clipboard, SPECIAL PASTE them to the Pro Project features. 

This is the error message that I get?

My workflow would be:

  1. Add attribute rules to the old data.
  2. Copy & Special Paste to current Pro project features.
  3. Repeat for all old data (about 5 feature classes)

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