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Append layer and transfer attributes that don't exist to target based on common field

05-26-2023 02:49 AM
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I have trawled through the ESRI community and have tried to find a solutions, but struggling. I need to append a target layer and input layer using a common attribute (Parcel ID). The input layer will have duplicate values, but I want to keep the data from the target values, rather than update and append the target feature. Essentially, I want to run an append tool that will read the common field value (Parcel ID) - that exists in both target and input fields - identify differences in the input values, and append the data which doesn't exist in the target dataset from the input dataset. 


I did try this solution (Solved: Re: Append only ids that don't exist in another cl... - Esri Community) however, couldn't get it to work, and don't want to create a new feature class, just append the target feature by transferring attributes which exist in the input, but don't exist in the target, and skipping duplicates.



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Are these file-based layers, or services? The simplest approach in my mind is to do an XOR join between the tables to get the non-duplicates in your source, then use that subset to append to your target.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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file-based layers - shapefiles in a FGDB

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