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Animation with combined time-series animation and path flyover

05-24-2023 08:11 PM
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I am trying to make an animation that is both a time-series animation and fly-over animation. That is, I have a feature class with one feature per second in time and I want to flyover those features, simulating the view from an aircraft or satellite. I have two time-enabled feature classes, one with the polygon features I want to animate second-by-second and the other with camera view points second-by-second.

My use case is to make an animation for next year's total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. An example of what I did in 2017, using ArcMap to make individual frames stitched into a movie, is at

I've studied the instructional videos and help pages for animation, but I'm stumped. How do I create a time-series animation which is also a flyover animation? Is it possible with an animation?

By the way, I've also tried to export individual frames in Pro using def queries and controlling the camera position on a series of frames exported from a 3d layout, but when I combine the frames I get an strange motion jerkiness which I could not resolve after much effort. My last-ditch option is to reinstall ArcMap and use old Python code to recreate what I did in 2017. But I hope I don't have to.

Thanks, Michael Zeiler,

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Hi @AmericanEclipse 

I know you said you have gone through the documentation, but can you take a look at these two short how to (bookmarks and linear paths) for a workflow similar to your own, and let me know where you are seeing gaps in functionality? You should be able to accomplish what you want with keyframes. I personally like to use bookmarks when creating animations so I can be precise about the scale of each frame. 

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