Anchor Point Preset for 3D lines?

09-13-2015 04:20 PM
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We are using Arcpro to show an underground wastewater network and its doing a nice job. The 3D point symbol works nicely as we can set the bottom invert of a manhole as the elevation and then build a 3d structure based on the height of the Lid, using a anchor preset of "centered above". This means the manhole lowest point is the manhole invert, were as usually doing this would build the 3d structure equally up and down around the z value.

But for the pipes, the Z value we have is based on the bottom of the pipe (not the center of the pipe). However, the 3d lines builds the pipe around that Z-value and we can't set the Z-value as the bottom of the pipe. So we would specifically like a anchor point option for 3d lines. Is this possible?

We have looked at getting around it by setting a elevation expression, to add half the diameter of the pipe to the Z elevation. But again there doesn't seem to be a way, remembering that the Z values of the pipe have differing values?

Is there any way of doing this dynamically?

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Hi Todd,

If I am understanding the issue here correctly then the reason using Elevation > Expression isn't working is because then you can't use Geometry z-values with the Absolute Height elevation setting - correct?

Here are two ways I can think of that might help you:

1. Use Data Management Tools > Features > Adjust 3D Z GP tool to adjust the Z-values of your z-aware line feature class to account for the pipe diameter.

Note - this GP tool will modify the input data so make sure you save a copy of your original data in case this approach does not work out.

2. Use 3D Analyst Tools > 3D Features > Add Z Information GP tool to save the Zs of your line features as an attribute, then adjust this attribute value to account for the pipe diameter AND then use this attribute value in the elevation expression.

Please refer to help on GP tools for detailed information.


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I could have several different z values along the line, and currently the expression would only allow me to create one z value for the whole line.

I am stressing currently, because it would be great if you could create an expression where the 'attribute' that was actually the geometry and some type of expression against it, therefore altering the z values at each point.

The anchor preset would be the perfect answer but I can't say I have thought about any details that may negate the use of it.

Like you say, I could recalculate the z value to make the z value the centre of the pipe but I was hoping to do it dynamically, as many system use this data, so we would have to extract it from the data source and apply the change just for our own purposes. I am more keen to be able to work with the original data source of course.


Below is an image where you can see the pipe extend beyond the bottom of the manhole, when in reality it is actually just above the bottom of the manhole.


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