ALL combinations with unique value multiple fields do not display

11-19-2019 09:24 AM
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Using ArcGIS Pro, I am trying to perform a relatively simple task, which is to display all the combinations from unique values and many fields in the symbology pane. I only seem to be getting 3 of 4 combinations to register. The fields are "canopy" and "income" and are either "low" or "null."  Consequently, I should have four unique values similar to what you see in ArcGIS 10:

low, low

low, <null>

<null>, low

<null>, <null>

However, Pro only seems to identify 3 options, merging "low, <null>" and "<null>, low" as the same thing. I've tried manually adding the missing combination using "Add Unlisted Value," but it doesn't work. I also tried "Show All Other Values" with no success. Is this a bug in Pro? This is so simple in ArcGIS 10 and it should be as well in Pro. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

This is not critical, but I noticed that "Show Count" doesn't seem to work as well.

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