Adding Shape Marker on Extremities of Polyline

03-17-2022 02:30 AM
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I am working with Road layer and I need to put arrows on the end points of road, like this:


I am adding Shape Marker at extremities of polyline and it is the easiest part.

Sometimes I have to merge roads (because they have the same ID) in the middle of one for roads. In this case the road should have 3 endpoints and I need to put arrows on these. 

The problem is that it puts arrows on the merge point, but I do not need it there and can't find how to remove these arrows from the merge point.


Anyone could help me with this please?

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Other than changing the style completely, this individual had a potential solution for overlaps

Solved: shape markers covering each other - Esri Community

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Thank you Dan,

it seems that it is not the problem of overlap, I have tried different styles also. I do not need any symbol on the vertex where polylines are merged. I need arrows on the endpoints only and I do not have idea why it puts arrows on the merging point. 

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