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07-20-2021 09:21 AM
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Is it possible to add a local geoid to ArcGIS Pro? I created a DEM in Agisoft which uses NAD83(CSRS)/UTM Zone 8N as a coordinate system, but is using a local geoid. I have a few versions of the geoid, one of which is a tiff but can not figure out how to import it.



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Did you try defining your own if you have the horizontal and vertical parameters?

Define a new coordinate system—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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@BenPearse, I presume you would like to use your local geoids to transform your DEM data to some other vertical coordinate system. Unfortunately, ArcGIS Pro currently does not support custom vertical transformations, but it is part of our plans for the future releases.

For current workaround, I would suggest you use raster calculator to modify the heights first (make sure all raster have heights in the same linear units) and then use Define Projection tool to correct the vertical coordinate system definition on your modified DEM dataset. 

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Thanks! I will give that a try.