Adding field with data source?

01-17-2019 09:07 AM
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I work with an agricultural consultancy that has mapped individual clients in their own map documents for years. We'd now like to begin bringing this information together. I used a script to walk through our client folder and pull a layer with a selected name (FIELDS_1) from each client into a single new map. Of course all the layers in the new map have the same name, but further, we did not include the farmer name in the attribute table for each original shapefile.

The only tie I can find to the farmer name is through Layer Properties. Here, the Data Source window contains the file path where I retrieved each shapefile. If I could put this string into a new field on the attribute table, I could parse to find the client name - it is always at a predictable location. Is this possible?

screenshots of table of contents and data source 

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