Adding a vale in a table with a foreign key field causes ArcGIS Pro to crash

05-12-2022 01:40 PM
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Currently using ArcGIS 2.9.2

I have an origin Point Feature Class and a table that is connected by a Relationship Class like so:


The origin is already populated with some points by a colleague and I have created an inspections table to be able to add some inspections at the designated points. When trying to add a row and fill in the "Location" foreign key with a "GlobalID" from the origin, the application simply crashes. I went to the underlying database and deleted the row and I can open the destination table again, and I added values in it without filling in the foreign key and it works, but as soon as I fill in the foreign key the application crashes and once that field is filled, I cannot open the table again in Pro.

I followed some tutorials online and cannot figure out why this would be happening?

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