Add Folder Connection Failure

01-04-2022 01:46 PM
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Periodically, and frequently, an ArcGIS Pro Project i create does not auto-recognize and populate the "name" bar for an "add folder connection" selection.

Usually, when you select the folder it auto-populates in the "Name" space and that's the folder connection one adds. 

Frequently, it's not possible to get the folder name selected recognized in the "name" bar to complete the task. 

I'm using Pro 2.9. Looks like this has been an on going problem since v1.4.

Anyone know a work around? One cannot even type in the folder name instead of selecting it with cursor highlight. 

One simply keeps getting dropped down lower in the folder hierarchy, even to the point of a final folders files, which should not and cannot be used as the "folder connection."


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ONE WORK AROUND:  in the Add Folder Connection routine, click through to the GDB, then copy out the path to a text file, then copy out the Feature Class name to the path, then copy the whole path/file to Add Data button "from Path" option from Contents (after closing the add folder connection task from Catalog), and you've got your data, but no folder connection!

ALSO, having same add Database Connection problem in Catalog.

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does it just happen on you external drive?. (eg. I: Passport)

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Hi Scott, your image shows that you're trying to add a geodatabase as a folder connection. The Name box will only be populated if you select a folder in that right-hand window. Browse up one level so all those folders appear in the right-hand window and it should work.