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Abbreviation Dictionary not allowing me to import .dic file or database table

09-12-2023 01:50 PM
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I'm a new user to ArcGIS Pro and do it for my school as student employment work. My issue lies in the fact that when I try to upload a file to the abbreviation dictionary, I get a "could not load dictionary" error, or I get an empty dictionary with not even a single row. The main goal was to prevent me from having to manually type out all the abbreviations for my labels, and instead pull an abbreviation from a dictionary. I know a little Python, so if you need to explain in those terms, thats ok, but I do not understand Javascript just yet. If there's any way someone could help me I'd appreciate it. I'll be able to reply tomorrow with more details if needed, but I hope this description will work. Thanks for reading and possibly helping 🙂

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