A check constraint violation has occurred

08-27-2023 06:47 PM
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In ArcGIS Pro version 3.1.2

When adding a SQL Server Enterprise feature class to the map or attempting to open the properties of the feature class : An error pops up saying
"A check constraint violation has occurred."

This occurred on feature classes that were created as a result of a Project (Data Management) geoprocess.  Input and output feature classes reside in separate geodatabases within the same SQL server instance.

Input and output layers used from the reprojection process are not within versioned datasets.

ArcGIS Enterprise version 10.9

SQL Server version 2016


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The problem disappeared the following day.
Not sure what caused it. Possibly ArcGIS Pro (3.2.1) was not working properly at the time. I suggest if this occurs for you, close ArcGIS Pro and re-open.
The only other thing that had changed overnight is that ArcGIS Server was stopped, databases were compressed, versions re-created and ArcGIS Server restarted.  

The problem feature classes were not in versioned datasets though but reside above them.

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Sorry I'm not following exactly.

By Query Analyzer do you mean the Analyze geoprocessing tool?

By 'Running my package' do you mean re-running the Project tool ?

I don't understand the inserting master/detail sets comment.  I assume the multistep operation is the Project tool.

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