3D mensuration tools on Imagery tab are disabled

10-25-2021 01:17 PM
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I would like to measure the volumes of some features in the ESRI Terrain image service, which seems like it should be possible with the 3D mensuration tool 'Volume' on the Imagery tab, given what I have read about it. But the tools are disabled whether I set Elevation (in the Mensuration Options dialog) as the image service or a locally saved clip from it. What am I missing? 

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Mensuration Options—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

and in the type of imagery

Image mensuration—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

one would assume esri's Terrain service would have elevation

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did you resolve this issue? i have same issue, Dan's response was no help....

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Not much online about this issue. I was using the 3D mensuration tools on my drone2map dsm layer one day, and then the next day the tools are greyed out and won't work. I thought it might be licensing, but I have both the spatial and 3D analyst extensions enabled. Thought it might be because I moved my drone2map license to another user, but the tools still don't work now that I have a d2m license again. I've tried moving the dsm to my local C drive. I've created a new aprx and have the same issue. Seems like a bug at this point. Only thing else I can think to do is uninstall/reinstall Pro, or go to Pro 3.1 and see if that helps. 

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Did you manage to find a solution?
Just found out that I have the same issue with measurements

I am licensed for Spatial and 3D both on Single and named use and I am on 3.1.3 version

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