3d map export from arcgis pro to rhino/other 3d modeling softwares

06-08-2019 07:52 AM
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Dear All,
I'm new to ArcGIS and the blog

I've generated a 3d model in ArcGIS PRO starting from buildings shape polygons by extruding them according to their height
Is there a way to export this model to any 3d modeling format for further processing like it was possible to do in ArcMap?
Thanks in advance for your availability
Best regards

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I know only this workflow for extruded layers: Layer 3D To Feature Class --> Multipatch To COLLADA.

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I've been trying to find a way to export 3D models from ArcGIS as well. I downloaded a set of buildings from my local city council (https://wcc.maps.arcgis.com/home/search.html?q=owner%3A"WellingtonCityCouncil"&start=1&num=20&focus=... ), and they're exclusively in SLPK format which only ArcGIS appears to support.

I've saved all the models as LYRX layer files but the Layer 3D to Feature Class tool doesn't recognise them.

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I'v got almost the same question - can I export a 3D model back to Artec Studio after I imported it to ArcGIS Pro? Or do I need another software (which one?)?

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Having the same issue... The question is even pretty simple, how to export to 3D file as obj, FBX, DAE from Arcgis Pro... Not any answer on the whole web...

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Hey! I was just wondering if there was any progress in this matter in the last year? I remember having the same issue like 2 years ago and that I had to use some outdated file formats available in ArcScene.

After contacting ESRI back then I heard that exporting 3D scenes from ArcGIS Pro 'will be implemented in some of the upcoming updates...' Looks like there is still no such funcionality, or am I missing something?



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