2.6 graphics layers: unable to set text element as balloon callout

08-06-2020 05:09 AM
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In 2.6 I tried the new graphics layers but I was unable to make a text element shown as balloon callout. Doesn't matter what I set it does not show the leader line/arrow as a balloon callout should look like.  Anybody has the same issue ?  

In picture:  "Subject" with yellow background is from label.  "Subject" with gray background is from graphics layers.  Same setting in balloon callout property.  Thank you!

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Hi Le,

You should be able to see the leader if you select the graphic with the select tool on the map graphics tab:

and right click the text to select Add Leader:

You can then move around the anchor to your desired position. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any issues.



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I am struggling with the same problem, you use to be able to just create balloons and then move them around. I was able to convert to graphics but the anchor will not move? I was hoping to make a quick fix and just copy and paste to add additional balloons but the balloon is still anchored to the same spot and I am not sure I can change the text? I need to leave directions along a path and would prefer not to have to make points for each spot...

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