Training Resources for ArcGIS Pro Intelligence

01-06-2021 02:41 PM
Esri Contributor
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If you haven't check it out yet, Esri Academy offers a ton of great training courses - short, long, paid, and free - to include several courses to help get you acquainted with ArcGIS Pro Intelligence.

Get Started with ArcGIS Pro Intelligence - Training Seminar (48 minutes)

ArcGIS Pro Intelligence: Getting Started - Video (9 minutes)

ArcGIS Pro Intelligence: Importing Intelligence Information (7 minutes)

Let us know what you think! What should the next training seminar or video address?

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Occasional Contributor

These are nice introductions to show the UI layout, what tools are available, and where to find them.  It would be great to see a video for each of the major tools like Find Cotravelers, Find Meeting Places, Link Analysis, and Pattern of Life.  With details about input data traps, how to optimize the parameters for different target types, and how to interpret results.