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zonal statistics by polygon

09-21-2013 01:21 PM
Status: Open
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using the Zonal Stats to table to tool is nice, however i enjoy viewing those table results and  being able to lable the polygons i used to create the table. I suggest you add one additional outpt feature class after running the to the zonal table tool. An example might be rainfall in the US ( a raster)and you use the zonal stats to to table tool to find avg, min, max, ...rain  per state polygon. Would it take much effore to join the table to the States polgyon so that you can label the states with that new data?

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Sad that this has been an ignored suggestion for a decade and has not  appeared with the move to Pro. In my experience, Zonal Stats As Table is almost always followed by a Join back to the zone dataset so it should at least be offered as an option in the tool. QGIS does this by default.