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X-Ray for ArcGIS Pro

07-03-2017 07:57 AM
Status: Implemented
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I use X-Ray for ArcCatalog( a lot and this functionality would be great as an add in for ArcGIS Pro. 


@BruceHaroldCorrect me if I'm wrong, x-ray as a whole has NOT been implemented completely.  One piece of the functionality has been implemented which is the reporting aspect of the database model.  Changes, import, the way we can update database models such as the Utility Network, ProLRS or Indoors database models will be supported in future releases?


The reporting piece is great to see.  Exporting schema to XML workspace and making edits in Excel workbooks for re-import to a new GDB would be the icing (and sprinkles) on the cake


Hi everyone, we have a blog coming on this thread but in the meantime the team have a community post up to get feedback, so please visit



It is really great to see geodatabase schema reporting aspect of X-Ray incorporated as a tool shipped with Pro!

However please note this is only part of the X-Ray feature set we are looking for. We also need to change the models, not just report on them.


@MattWilkie1 this was a phased project - in ArcGIS Pro 3.3, scheduled for next week, there is a Convert Schema Report tool that will enable making changes and creating a new geodatabase with those schema updates.

Snippet from what's new help:

The Convert Schema Report geoprocessing tool converts the output of the Generate Schema Report geoprocessing tool to another file format (.xlsx, .pdf, .html, .json, or .xml). Converting a schema report allows you to make substantial schema changes in a schema report and incorporate them in a new geodatabase. For example, you can reorder fields in several feature classes, make their spatial references match, assign new domain values to a number of fields, and output those schema changes to a new geodatabase.


oh wow, this is great news @KoryKramer! and very timely too. (in addition to me needing this now, and next week is close enough, you also forestalled me from composing yet another repeat request thread. ;-).


@KoryKramer Will we see a contextual menu of these tools in Pro in the future?


@LukeSavage like Export > Generate Schema Report?




Yes but more interactive like xray for ArcGIS Desktop.  Capable of handling Utility Network, LRS and Indoors logic as well.  If I want to update existing geodatabases, xray had that ability in a more dynamic way.  I didn't know if that was in the plans for the future.


It's great that the "X-ray for Catalog" features are now in ArcGIS Pro!
Can the "X-Ray for ArcMap" tools also be integrated into ArcGIS Pro? (
I manage all the maps of all the users in my organization (hundreds of maps, thousands of layers).
All our data must now be published on ArcGIS Portal and the limitations of the feature services are a real pain (no vbscript for labels, symbology degradation, etc.).
This tool in ArcMap makes it possible to analyze in just a few clicks :
- layer names
- display scales
- definition query
- label properties
- data sources
Controlling the 50 layer properties in an ArcGIS Pro map by right-clicking is unbearable... Python can analyze such properties, but a tool integrated into ArcGIS Pro would be best!