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Wrap around the date line...update wording

01-17-2017 05:45 PM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor

In ArcGIS Pro if you live close to the 180 degree meridian you may want to wrap data including the basemap around this meridian. Currently to be able to do this in a map in ArcGIS Pro you need to tick a box in the Map Properties > Coordinate Systems beside words that state "Enable wrapping around the date line". This is technically not true as the date line does not always follow the 180 degree meridian. Therefore, could the words be changed to read "Enable wrapping around the 180 degree meridian". All people who work around / over / through this imaginary line in the world will know what this means .

Oh the joys of living in a world that isn't flat!




Thank you that was helpful I hada data set running from -180.070313 to 179.929688 . However in Map_3D globe scene it dosen't seem to be available.