Workflow Metadata Logging

06-08-2010 10:12 AM
Status: Open
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What would be useful to me is a way to turn on logging of my processes I use to get to a solution.<br /> I know that I can save sql statements etc, but what I'd like to be able to save is every step I took to get to a certain point.<br /> Zoom, Select by Attr, which tool use, etc; I also would like to be able to edit this logging process on the fly so that I can save it and repeat it.<br /> The output of this would be several things; a report saying what I did and what was involved (including data generated), a model that could be run and return the same results and a workflow that I could integrate with JTX / Workflow Manager.<br /> This would save time and make the ArcGIS Desktop better.<br /> <br /> For ArcGIS Desktop you would see a list that you could add or remove tasks from:<br /> Zoom to Scale blah<br /> Select Polygons (blah blah blah)<br /> Export Polygons to Geod (blah blah)<br /> Geocode Exported Polygons<br /> Select by Attribute<br /> Select by location, etc etc<br /> <br /> This list would be dynamic and I would be able to add / remove geoprocesses to it as you refine what you are trying to do.<br /> Yes, it is similar to model builder but it serves a more dynamic approach to working / problem solving.<br /> I for one don't always like to sit there and think about a model and then build it.<br /> Sometimes, I rather just try a ton of ideas to figure out my question.<br /> This would enable people to figure it out by doing and then have a model / script / workflow as one of the outputs of their labor.<br /> I believe this type of intuitive thinking will create a smarter user and smarter software.

I believe that the undo - redo logic could be used to help develop the task list.
I am pining for ArcINFO's LOG capability. 
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Have you played with Task in Pro at all? It allows you to record your actions into a Task list. That list can then be associated to a Workflow Manager Launch Arcmap or Open Task step.


I agree with Michael here.  It seems that now with ArcGIS Pro Tasks, it would be possible to record steps using the  KoryKramer_0-1605548403496.pngfunctionality.

Create a new task&mdash;ArcGIS Pro | Documentation