Word Wrapping in Table of Contents

06-22-2021 06:57 PM
Status: Open
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Can the layer names for loaded data have a word wrapping functionality?  If you have very long names you need to stretch out the width of the Contents pane to be able to see the full name.  This reduces the size of your map or layout view.

Word wrapping would allow you to keep the contents pane quite narrow but still see all the critical information.




Just wanted to point out that hovering over the layer will show the full name:




Yep.  Well aware of that capability Kory.  Thanks.

That is helpful when you have just one to have a quick look at, but if there's multiple and you just want to be able to glance at it/them while the mouse is busy elsewhere it's not so helpful.  Hence the suggestion about word wrapping.


In ArcGIS Online, whenever you drag the right edge of the content area to the left or to the right, the names of the layers wrap to the size of the pane, like a default wrap option. This will be very useful in ArcGIS Pro for whenever we have a lot of layers all with very long names and you don't want to go one by one with the mouse over the layer to see the complete name. Please add an Enable/Disable text wrap for the table of content.