Wind Analysis

07-27-2010 07:29 AM
Status: Open
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Is it possible for ESRI to develop some wind analysis software for arcgis?
I currently work in the renewable energy industry and there is only 1 piece of software - WindPRO which is very glitchy and dificult to use, I have to transfer everything and it is quite frustrating!!
A lot of the tools necessary already exist within the ArcGIS, it is more the ability to integrate and link them which would be useful
....PLEASE can we have ArcWIND?!


I second that!  We are constantly using consultants and 3rd party software to do analysis that seems like could be accomplished in ArcGIS through modifying, adding to and combining existing tools. This seems to be another example of how alternative energy users are overlooked (see my post on Other Industries about creating an Alterative Energy Group ).

I agree!!!


I am currently working on conducting a wind analysis for a school project and I have tried several types of software and nothing seems to work right. WindNinja, Vasari (which to my knowledge you can't download anymore), and Airflow Analyst all have troubles and ideally having something that's compatible with CityEngine would be delightful! 


I would love to see this come to life. I work in the electrical distribution industry and knowing the true effects of wind in an area and relate this to overhead powerlines to help with thermal dynamic calculations would be of a great benefit.

Also, for the people who vote this down Please explan why as to find if something else is available, etc. or something is more pressing to look at.


Come on Esri, just give us the tools in ArcGIS so that we can use it in otherways than just as a pure visualisation software.