When in Layout keep current ribbon when a Map View is activated

02-03-2020 03:48 PM
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When I am doing anything in a layout, for example when I change an appearance property on a feature layer within a map frame, the ribbon jumps back to the layout ribbon. To get back to where I was (say to change the font color again) I need to select the item I was working on before to bet back to ribbon. This is seriously slowing down my workflow.

I understand that if a layout is the main focus, the user would want to go back and do another layout thing like insert a scalebar, but this workflow is useful, editing the map while the layout is open. My workaround is to jump over and make these changes in the map view the map frame references.

It would be great if I could get this same behavior (ie not lose my ribbon with every little map change) by activating the map frame.


Hi Curtis Price

What version of Pro are you working in?  Can you post some screenshots/gif showing what you're seeing, because as I try to follow the description, I'm not seeing what you're describing.

Here is what I did:

I'm working in a layout, and making changes to a map layer's appearance (I was going off of "change an appearance property on a feature layer within a map frame" and "say to change the font color again").  My ribbon doesn't bounce back to the Layout ribbon.  So if you can first clarify the steps, or confirm that I'm doing the same thing, then we can narrow down to see whether maybe this has already been addressed in a later release?

Thank you!


Or is what you're seeing described in Keep activated ribbon tab activated when switching contexts. ?

Is this getting at the context switching that you're talking about:

In the Contents pane, when I have a layer selected, I get the contextual ribbon for things I can do.  If I then click on the map frame, the ribbon switches because the context changed.

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